Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Roisin Murphy: Hot Chics: Backing Vocalists: My Bloody Valentine: Sundy Sundae Smile: Video

I did not intend to write about Roisin Murphy. In fact, I forgot about her, as she exists merely as a musician ( one of many) on my ipod. This was going to be about the My Bloody Valentine Sunday Sundae Smile E.P.

Why the picture above (with Roisin)? It can be explained as simply as Typing "Sunday Sundae Smile" in the Google Image search. Before, we change gears and talk about MBV, we should take a second and think about the picture above. First of all, The colors are vivid; intense shades of yellow and orange surround the beautiful and ethnically diverse singers. It's politically correct and beautiful. Also, the girls in the picture are hot. If I met a girl, who happened to look like that and was in Roisin Murphy's backing band, I would do everything in my power to...( I must stop there, because It was going in that direction)

The Sunny Sundae Smile EP (click to download a rip of the vinyl: VBR) was released before their albums and as you would imagine, it represents and poppier manifestation of the group. If you listen closely, you can hear the the massive wall of noise burgeoning from beneath these light-hearted poppy jams. Also, when I say "pop," it is relative to MBV's more notable material (Loveless, Isn't Anything, etc.)

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