Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Music Find! Wavves!!!!

This band is just one guy: Nathan Williams. This is album is most likely out. It's self titled (Wavves by Wavves). Note the additional "v" in the name.
First and foremost, this album is really f*cking loud. When I was on the bus listening to this, I turned it down slightly, because for once in my life, I actually felt sorry for my ear drums. The loudness may be viewed as a gimmick, which actually works well for the band. Behind the clipping tracks, fuzzed out instruments, and distorted beats are some wonderfully, catchy songs. In unison the sound with the songwriting deliver an A+ combo. The singing is complimented by the overdriven overtones of the voice create an ominous albiet loud melodic finish. Two coats! one coat being the voice, and the second being the fuzzy guitars. Well, now that I think about there three coats. I hate this analogy to paint...what-eva! Furthermore, this dude might be touring and since he is not as popular as Phil Collins or Modest Mouse, tickets are most likely reasonable. I personally am going to check this out.

Would you like to hear this band? easy easy click the link and enjoy! (fingers crossed)

Wavves So Bored E.P.

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