Monday, July 28, 2008

white magic fell from above

If you are not familiar with Lansing-Dreiden, the magic of this band is not so powerful, or so I thought. When I first listened to their track "Trance Like Turn," I saw little to no difference between this band (Violens) and their artistic collective counterparts/alter ego's (Lansing-Dreiden).
After hearing their other tracks, their influences began to show. On top of that, they are delightfully accessible. It is helpful that they include most of their influences on their myspace page. The Prefab Sprout song-smithing saturates the track "Doomed," their psychedelic-ness on the track "Violent Sensation Descends," Last but not least, their Smiths-y-ness on the track "Spectator & Pupil," which I consider to be my favorite song of the year thus far. (Click on th last track to download it). enjoy!
p.s. Chicagoans will be happy that they are playing in their town for two days in a row for a fairly inexpensive price ($5 and $10). July 31st and August 1st.

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