Thursday, February 28, 2008

Then I'll Drag You Home...

The subject of this evening's post is one the most "underrated brit-pop acts of the 90's". Believe me, I could fill the Library of Congress with bands that fall under that heading. I could fill up the Library of Congress with a lot of other things believe you me (???). Anyways! The band of this evening is no other than Gene. Having been compared to The Faces and The Smiths alike, Martin Rossiter and co. oozed cynical croons all over the 90's and didn't clean up (yucky). Their music has been condemned to Anglophile dick-measuring banter.

Here it is in two Parts: Gene's To See the Lights; a compilation of b-sides and live goodies. Additionally it was never formally released in the United States.
part 1
part 2


nick said...

So..some I sound like Gene, totally.

JJ. I thought it was funny when my brother said that.

liberace sequence said...

my mom often compares to me to political entity, john edwards, hey it could be worse