Monday, February 4, 2008

New Sensation: Hercules & The Love Affair

Imagine a more disco-centric Pet Shop Boys with an occasional visit from Cocteau Twins' Elizabeth Fraser. I am unclear as to whether she is actually on the album or not. Regardless, there is definitely a strong Cocteau Twins influence on the vocals. I am not the first blogger to rave about these guys nor shall I be the last. Why? Because of their DFA-produced and approved sound and their poly rhythmic disco approach textured oh-so-DFA-like, they are going to stick around for a minute to pester all you dance-music-hatin' punks.
Take this track Iris (download). If that is not Elizabeth Fraser, I will be damned. Not to mention that the song title is very Cocteau Twins-esque. As the group's name suggest their music invokes classical themes and their fashion sense makes plaid look oh-so-stylish. The NYC quartet also enlists the likes of Antony (from Antony and the Johnson's). His operatic voice adds to the Disco-New-Romanticism aesthetic. Find out more!

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